Daimler takes a 10% stake in Tesla Motors

California based car manufacture Telsa motors expanded there partnership with the second largest car manufacture, Daimler-Benz today. Daimler has acquired a 10% stake in the company. The partnership will help equip Mercedes-Benz vehicles with Tesla’s technology of lithium-ion batteries. Daimler has already been experimenting with their batteries in a fleet of 100 smart cars, which […]

How To Tighten Lug Nuts Properly

Lug nuts are extremely important to the safety of your vehicle. Although they may be small, these screws are essential to the integrity of the fastening system and needed to properly secure the wheel to the hub. If lug nuts are not fixed on right, the entire wheel installation process is at risk. A lug […]

Wheel Fitting For Installation

A proper wheel installation is all about achieving the perfect fit for your vehicle. There are certain techniques that ensure your self-install will involve the necessary safety precautions, so that your car is fully prepared to take on the road. Below you’ll find out how to fasten the wheel and hub parts with precision. 1. […]

How To Prepare For A Wheel Installation

Preparing for a wheel installation is almost as important as actually performing one. Taking the time to inspect your tire parts may prevent any unexpected setbacks from occurring during the installation. A good installation, like most DIY projects, starts with an organized, careful approach. To prepare for a wheel installation, follow these steps: 1. Inspect […]

What Tires Fit What Rims? Pt. 2

In part two of the tire size series, we explore the second portion of the sidewall description, still using the tire size of a typical passenger car as a reference, P225/50R16 91S. With this detailed description of your tire sidewall information, you’ll be able to pick out replacement tires and rims when the time comes […]

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