Liberty Tire Acquires Able Tire Co.

According to an article from June 22, 2009 on Liberty Tire Company, which is one of the largest tire recycling companies in the entire country, has bought the Texas based company Able Tire Co. According to the article, the deal will merge the scrap tire market in Texas and Oklahoma. Able tire has been […]

California wants Tire efficiency rating system

According to Modern Tire Dealer, the state of California is looking to figure out just how energy efficient those energy efficient tires are. California is taking its stab at tires with new legislation that proposes a fuel efficient tire program. A draft of the proposal was brought before the California Energy Commission on June 10th. […]

Hybrids, electric cars create big opportunities for the tire industry

According to an article out June 15, 2009 from USA Today tire makers are doing their best to respond to the new influx of hybrid and electric vehicles. Now that more companies are looking into alternative ways to power cars, the tire industry is looking how to improve tires. “Tire makers are now trying to […]

It’s National Tire Safety Week!

According to an article from, it’s that time of year again, for the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association’s National Tire Safety Week. Many major tire companies are very active in the association’s events including National Tire Safety Week. Some are Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli. The National Tire Safety Week is now in its eighth year. And […]

EPA asked to ban use of lead tire weights

An article from reveals that several environmental groups have asked the Environmental Protection Agency to outlaw the use of lead tire weights. By banning the lead tire weights, the group says, will prevent future problems that they could cause with wildlife and children. The group and United States scientists sent the Environmental Protection Agency […]

Yokohama drivers and tires head south to compete in Mexico’s Baja 500

Looking to discover a different kind of sporting event? Involving cars? No not NASCAR, something way dirtier than that, like off-road racing. If you can get down to Mexico the world’s best will soon be competing. According to an article from , its time for some off-roading for three Yokohama Tires sponsored teams. The teams, […]

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