Cheaper more efficient tires made out of wood!?

According to an article from, science researchers at the Oregon State University are proposing to make tires out of wood. The article states: "They aren’t suggesting constructing the tires solely from wood, but replacing silica with microcrystalline cellulose derived from plant fiber as reinforcing filler in the manufacture of rubber tires. The result could […]

Tire rotation

Tire rotation is an important part of making sure that your tires are performing their best. If you rotate your tires at the times you should it can help preserve balance and handling. It can also prolong the life of your tires and have performance advantages. Tires should be rotated anywhere from every 3,000 to […]

Tough decision on Chinese tires

According to an article from, the U.S. international Trade Commission has recommended imposing duties on Chinese passenger and light truck tire imports over the next three years. Now it’s time for President Barack Obama to decide if he agrees with the U.S. International Trade Commission or if action needs to be taken. The article […]

Proposed tire labels

According to an article from, the government is going to try and impose a label on tires that shows how fuel efficient they will be. The government believes that if consumers know how fuel efficient their tires are, they would be more prone to pick ones that have better gas mileage in the long […]

Liberty Tire Acquires Able Tire Co.

According to an article from June 22, 2009 on Liberty Tire Company, which is one of the largest tire recycling companies in the entire country, has bought the Texas based company Able Tire Co. According to the article, the deal will merge the scrap tire market in Texas and Oklahoma. Able tire has been […]

California wants Tire efficiency rating system

According to Modern Tire Dealer, the state of California is looking to figure out just how energy efficient those energy efficient tires are. California is taking its stab at tires with new legislation that proposes a fuel efficient tire program. A draft of the proposal was brought before the California Energy Commission on June 10th. […]

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