All About the New Acura ILX

Despite declining sales in the sedan market – SUVs and CUVs are “it” for now – Acura is keeping its main focus on its luxury sedans. Three sedans underpin the Acura brand, including the entry-level Acura ILX, mid-range TLX, and high-spec RLX. The Acura ILX compact luxury sedan marked a several firsts when it was […]

Debating Purchasing a Road Hazard Warranty?

After you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on new tires, maybe even new wheels to mount them on, and even more to have them mounted and balanced, why would you be interested in spending even more on a road hazard warranty? With every tire we sell, we suggest purchasing a road hazard warranty, doesn’t every tire […]

History of Nitto Tires

Looking at Nitto Tire’s tagline, it become clear what the company’s mission is and what kind of tires they produce. Indeed, a tire company “Fueled by Enthusiasts” says it all, and Nitto designs and produces some of the most exclusive tires for nearly every performance category. Whether you’re off-roading, rally-racing, running quarters, drifting, or luxury […]

History of Diamond Back Tires

When you’re looking for tires for your car, whether you’re finishing off a full classic restoration or trying to give your car a classic look – to be sure, it doesn’t work for all cars – size, style, and function are surely going to play a part in your decision. Unfortunately, you can’t always get […]

Would You Wrap a Car in Pink?

When looking at the average automobile, chances are it’s going to fall into a strictly monochromatic scale. In fact, half of all cars sold in America are either Silver (23%), White (15%), or Black (12%). The rest of the automotive fleet covers much of the color spectrum, including reds, blues, browns, yellows, and even gold, […]

The Rarest Cars in the World

The most popular car in the world might be the Toyota Corolla, but not everyone wants to drive one. True, they’re great little cars, but going to the opposite end of the scale, you realize why movie stars, billionaires, and museums drive something altogether different. The rarest cars in the world weren’t produced in their […]

New Top Gear Hosts for 2019

They say, “two’s company” and “three’s a crowd,” but we’re willing to bet the new lineup of the BBC’s Top Gear presenters will be anything but overcrowded. After Clarkson, May, and Hammond left the show in 2015, there’s been no small amount of turnover among the ranks and changes to Top Gear, whose viewership has […]

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