American Racing Wheels at Performance Plus Tire & Auto

American Racing Wheels has been designing and manufacturing steel and alloy wheels for the custom automotive industry since 1956, one of the first in aftermarket automotive customization. At first, American Racing Wheels centered production in Northern California, but eventually moved manufacturing to Southern California. By 1971, Hank Feldman’s Performance Plus Tire & Auto, based in […]

World’s Largest Mustang Gathering

Still the world’s best selling sports coupe the Ford Mustang broke another record, on the 7th of September Ford’s Lommel Proving Ground, 1326 Mustang’s met and roared onto the grounds with 20 meters between each vehicle. All generations were represented. The previous record was set in Toluca, Mexico on December 3, 2017, when 960 vehicles […]

About Lexani Tires

When considering car customization, before the ground effects, aerodynamic pieces, and suspension tweaks come into play, custom wheels are the most common and most visual upgrade. Realizing this, Frank Hodges and his team of entrepreneurs established Lexani Wheels in 1996, whose custom wheels and grilles quickly became sought after for vehicles of all kinds, from […]

The History of the Ford F-150

The pickup truck is as American as bald eagles and apple pie. And among the many pickup trucks on the market, there’s no truck more iconic than the Ford F-150. It’s a truck with a long history. There’s a reason that truck owners hold onto their Ford trucks for so long. The Original F Series […]

Demolition Derby – Long Live its Reign of Destruction!

Mention contact sports, and most immediately reference American football, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, rugby, roller derby, or karate – contact is a major part of the game. Other sports qualify, too, like association football (soccer), field hockey, baseball, and NASCAR – contact happens. Usually, contacting another racer in NASCAR or IROC might do more harm than good, […]

NASCAR Gen 7 Cup Series to Run 18-Inch Goodyear Tires in 2021

NASCAR race cars haven’t been “stock” since the late-80s, but they attempt to stay relevant to Joe Everyman and his daily driver. Under the skin, whether it’s a Dodge Charger, Toyota Camry, Chevy Impala, or any other model, all NASCAR vehicles are practically identical. Still, racing technology often makes its way back to our daily […]

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