The Dangers of Car Surfing

Teens seem to love dangerous activities, but unfortunately, accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers. Relatively new to their choices of stupid and dangerous activities is car surfing. Car surfing is where one person drives a vehicle on public roads while one or more people get out and onto the roof, hood, […]

Know B4 U Go – Tire Safety Week Video

As you likely already know, we’re in the middle of National Tire Safety Week (May 24th-30th). Cooper Tires is a big supporter of tire safety and have their own campaign “Know B4 U Go” to remind drivers of the importance of tire maintenance.  The video below features Arie Luyendyk, Jr., a popular race car driver […]

A Brief History of Lowriders

Lowriders have been a thing almost as long as there have been cars. That slammed Chrysler 300C on 22” Forte wheels got its start decades ago in the counter-culture youth scene of southern California. This is a quick look at where lowriders have scraped their way through history. Like most car culture scenes, lowriding arguably […]

Ice Racing (3 Videos)

Since winter refuses to let go of certain parts of North America, we tried to determine what is the best thing about winter hanging around. Our conclusion: a longer season for ice racing! If you didn’t know, ice racing has been around as long as there have been motor vehicle driving on snowy/icy roads.  Only […]

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