According to an article from the Eastern Oregonian newspaper, a Portland based company has proposed using waste tires and cow manure to make methane. The company wants to do this on a dairy farm called Threemile Canyon Farms, near Boardman, Oregon.

The company, Northwest Biogas, is currently looking to get a permit from the Oregon Department of Environmental  Quality in order to store the waste tires.

The company is seeking to use at least 40,000 waste tires. Northwest Biogas wants to use the waste tires inside a lined and covered digester lagoon. If not, they will clean, remove and recycle all of the tires.

“Northwest Biogas will lease the site for the facility from Threemile Canyon Farms. The farm has 17,000 cows that each produces about 120 pounds of waste a day. Threemile flushes the manure along cement alleys and pipes to a lined lagoon, where it releases methane.”

This type of clean methane, according to the article is an alternative to natural gas. These generators can also be used to produce electricity. Using these tires also would be beneficial because it reduces the risk for tire fires. It can also eliminate mosquitoes as well.

It is really so interesting how they are coming up with different ways to become greener every day. The environment is so important that it is about time people started thinking of different ways to dispose of things. This just goes to show how one person’s trash can become another’s solution. Even in the farming industry they are thinking of better and more ecological ways of disposing things, and if used tires can help that’s awesome! It’s a way to use a resource that is just sitting there and would have to be destroyed with more energy otherwise. Who knew tires could help the environment?

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