Since 1971, when Hank Feldman founded Performance Plus Tires, he’s stocked and installed Nitto Tire, but what is Nitto Tire?

Founded in 1949, Nitto Tire has never been a very big company, but niche companies have often proven that enthusiasm can lead to success. Nitto is part of the ninth-largest tire company in the world. By focusing on high-performance tires, Nitto has branded itself an enthusiast tire company, producing performance tires for cars and trucks around the world. Though Nitto Tire was bought by Toyo Tire & Rubber Company, in 1979 – unrelated to Toyota Motor Corporation – Nitto continues work under independent oversight, sharing facilities and only a few technologies with its parent company.

Instead of generalizing on mass market tires, such as you’d find on the world’s best-selling vehicles, Nitto has focused on enthusiast and competition tires, including off-road trucks and SUVs, sports cars, and race cars and trucks. Using the latest in computer simulation, rubber compound technology, and tire construction methods, Nitto develops tires that perform better than stock tires, without compromising ride quality and safety. Among the smallest tire companies in the world, Nitto Tire sets the standard for enthusiast tires everywhere.

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Nitto Truck and SUV Tires

The Grappler series of tires has been designed specifically for light trucks and SUVs, including the Nitto Mud Grappler, Nitto Trail Grappler M/T, Nitto EXO Grappler AWT, Nitto Terra Grappler, Nitto Terra Grappler G2, and Nitto Dura Grappler. These tires range from extreme off-road to highway cruiser applications, designed to balance traction, ride quality, and longevity. Nitto Ridge Grappler hybrid on-road/off-road tire and Nitto Dune Grappler desert tire are the latest additions to the fleet.

Nitto Street Tires

Nitto TiresAccentuating the performance aspect, Nitto Tire offers eight models covering trucks, SUVs, performance cars, and luxury vehicles for all seasons. The Nitto NT420S and Nitto NT421Q performance all-season tires cover trucks and SUVs. Nitto Motivo and Nitto NeoGen cover all-season performance for most cars, and the Nitto NT05 and Nitto NT555 cover summer performance for most cars. The Nitto NT450 is an entry-level all-season performance tire. Nitto INVO tires accentuate ride quality and low tire noise for luxury performance vehicles, and the Nitto NT90W offers winter performance traction and safety.

Nitto Competition Tires

Pushing even further into performance territory, these performance tires are not meant for street cars, but competition drag and road courses. The Nitto NT05R and Nitto NT555R have been designed for competition drag courses, while the Nitto NT01 covers competition road courses.

Performance Plus Tire Has Your Nitto Tire Needs Covered

If you’re shopping Nitto Tire, whatever your application, from luxury performance to max off-road traction, Performance Plus Tire carries it. If you know what you need, feel free to visit or our eBay Store. Of course, you can always visit our location in Southern California. If you’ve got questions, you can always talk to a real person, someone who knows Nitto Tire and can help you find the right tire for your ride. Performance Plus Tire also carries a full line of wheels for every application, as well as suspension kits for many applications. Call, visit, or stop in, and upgrade your ride, today.


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