NITTO Tires is all about the enthusiasts, particularly since the company’s renaissance in the mid-1990s. Though always a small company, NITTO made its mark when it started asking drivers what they wanted, and then delivering. Today, NITTO sells tires for all kinds of vehicles, from luxury cruisers and agile sports cars to highway commuters and off-road trucks and SUVs.

NITTO offers more innovation in tires than most companies. NITTO tire sizing is second-to-none, built with unique tread compounds and radical tread designs for the utmost in performance. The newest materials ensure long life, exceptional traction and safety, and proven performance. Today’s NITTO Tire lineup includes 21 models for light trucks, SUVs, sedans, coupes, and wagons, to accentuate on-road, off-road, even track-day performance.

Enthusiasts and professionals alike have come to appreciate NITTO tires, and NITTO Tires appreciates their enthusiasm. Want to see NITTO tires in action like never before? Then get yourself to Anaheim, CA, on Saturday, June 15, 2019, for the 7th annual Auto Enthusiast Day, presented by NITTO Tire Driving Line.

What is Auto Enthusiast Day, or AED 2019? It’s five hours of show cars, trucks, and SUVs, automotive beauty contests, and automotive adrenaline, all riding on NITTO tires. You’ll see everything from stock cars and trucks to modified sports cars and off-road monsters. Professional Formula Drift and Ultra4 drivers put NITTO tires to the test in stunning displays of driving prowess, on the ground and in the air. The drivers don’t get all the fun, though, because ride-alongs put you in the passenger seat for high-speed drifting and four-wheel aerial action.

Whether you can hold onto your camera or your lunch is anyone’s guess, but it’s guaranteed to get your blood pumping! Of course, there are plenty of vendors, offering performance parts, customization services, snacks, food, and drinks, and photo opportunities. Take pictures with the NITTO Girls, professional drivers, and talk tires with the king of enthusiast tires. Last year, better than 26,000 spectators attended AED 2018 – check out the video recap – and this year is certain to grab even more automotive enthusiasts’ attention. Will you be there?

Entrance is free for spectators and anyone who wants to participate in the car / truck meet with their own ride. There’s only one requirement – you must register before May 31 – so get online right now to save your spot.

  • Auto Enthusiast Day
  • Saturday, June 15th from 12pm – 5pm
  • Angel Stadium (2000 E Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806)
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