What makes a good gift? Almost everyone knows what a bad gift is, something that shows you didn’t put much thought into the relationship and needs of the people involved. Deciding on a good gift requires effort and a real understanding of what the receiver will appreciate and value from the giver. Are new tires a good gift idea? Possibly, but just like cold hard cash, gift cards, and ugly sweaters, new tires, as a gift, depend on the people involved.

When thinking about gift ideas, some fill a need they don’t realize they have, such as a “Mother Ring” for a recently divorced mother. Other gifts give experiences that the receiver would never have thought to buy themselves, such as flight lessons for an aviation buff. Some gifts fill a true need that the receiver simply hasn’t been able to fill themselves, perhaps because of time or cash restraints, such as buying someone a new winter coat. The point is that a “good gift” can be expensive, inexpensive, lavish, or practical, but is always well thought-out.

If you’re planning on buying new tires as a gift this season, make the effort – perhaps you should have started this months ago – to see what kind of tires have been dog-eared in the hot rod magazines or how much tread life is left on the tires already on the car. If in doubt, just ask if they’re in the market for new tires.

There are a couple ways to buy new tires, but gift tires will almost assuredly be appreciated. If you order new tires online, be sure to have them shipped well ahead of time so they can be wrapped – they’ll take up a lot of room in the gift pile – and include a gift card for mounting and balancing charges. Of course, you could order new wheels and tires already mounted and balanced, saving that step and making for a heavy gift this season! On the other hand, you could work out a deal with a local tire retailer, and give a much smaller gift: a voucher for new tires mounted and balanced.

Giving new tires as a gift shows that you care about the person, which is the greatest gift of all. New tires can be a great gift, a practical way to show that you care for someone. In the case of your car-buff relative, who’s been tweaking that Honda or Chevelle for ages, new performance tires could be the perfect way to show that you care about their hobby. In the case of your commuter friend, noting that Winter travel can be dangerous, a new snow tires are a great way to show that you care about their safety. This season, or any season or day, for that matter, new tires make a great gift for someone you know and love.

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