NASA will begin testing the Goodyear Tire Company’s airless tire. The tire was designed for lunar explorations and could be part of a next mission to the moon.  This is information according to the Associated Press, by way of the Dallas Morning News. The partnership between Goodyear Tire Company and NASA was announced in 2007. The company has been working with NASA at the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio since about 2007.

The article states this:

“The Akron-based tire maker said Monday the Spring Tire has 800 load-bearing springs meant to carry heavier vehicles over greater distances. Wire-mesh tires were previously used on the NASA’s Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle.”

The tire had to be specifically designed because of the temperature fluctuations that occur on the moon.  The massive difference in hot and cold temperatures is why a traditional tire cannot be used for any kind of lunar landing. The tire has been tested at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, to simulate the tire on a lunar surface.

The Akron Ohio based company is using current technology for another lunar mission. Bet you didn’t know how much work it really takes to make a lunar mission a total success. Tires and wheels make a difference!

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