Many people like to get chrome on their wheels not just because it makes them look really good, but because it makes them rust resistant. This means that if you have ended up with rust on your chrome wheels there is a major problem. The first thing you may want to do is go back to the person you bought the wheels from if it is a dealership. Bring your receipt and tell them what conditions your car has been in lately. Unless it has been sitting in your swimming pool, if your wheels really do have chrome on them, they should not have rusted. This means that you were ripped off and you might want to use that fact to your advantage. If there is rust it means one of two things, they did not actually apply chromium, but rather applied steel, which a lot of these cheaper wheels will have. Steel will rust and it will rust fast, so this is a possibility. The other thing that may have happened is that they may have applied the chromium very thin, not enough to really protect the wheels. This is also a rip off and you should make sure you report it right away.

Now that your wheels do have rust on them, there are two things you should do. If you can’t exchange them out for a set that has real chrome on them as you paid for, make sure you scrub the wheels really well and get as much of the rust off of the rims as possible. After that keep the rims covered in car wax. This will keep the water off of them and will make them even shinier than they were before. It should also prevent more rust from forming. You should try to get another set of rims as soon as possible. If there is any rust left on the rims it will continue to spread even without additional water. This will eat away at the structural integrity of the vehicle.

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