One of the best things about this time of year is the beautiful weather and all that you can do outside. Relaxing outdoors, sharing picnics with family and friends, and just enjoying the season are all things to appreciate about late spring; however at the top of the list is off-roading. There is nothing like exploring new places and trying new things as you trek through the wilderness. But before setting off on any adventures it’s important to check your tires.

Before selecting a new set of mud tires it’s important to assess what your needs are. First consider how much off-roading you are planning on doing as well as other driving you may be doing with your off-road vehicle. A vehicle that will be used almost exclusively for off-roading would benefit from a set of mud or off-road tires. They are designed specifically for muddy, slick, and rocky surfaces. A vehicle that will be used for both on and off-roading would benefit more from a set of Michelins all-terrain tires that work well on a variety of surfaces and conditions.

It’s important to know the size of tires that your vehicle needs, especially if you are consider getting a larger size than what your vehicle is currently using. Many trucks and SUVs have room for you to go up a couple sizes without making any major modifications; however it’s a good idea to consult your vehicles owner’s manual or dealership for recommendations.

Fortunately replacing your old tires doesn’t have to break the bank. There is wide range in price when it comes to buying mud tires. Some of the more economical options run under $100 a tire while the high performance tires can be as much as several hundred dollars per tire.

Once your new mud tires are installed you’ll be all set to blaze new trails and make new memories without worrying about the condition of your tires.

Of course it’s not recommended that you try any of this, here is a video of some extreme off-roaders that will make you want to get out and hit the dirt.

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