Interior 3No matter what you drive, if five million of them have been built, chances are a few hundred thousand people are driving exactly the same car that you are. That’s just not cool. Is there any way that you can make your car “your” car – or pimp your ride? Indeed, there is, and we’re not talking about hanging pink fuzzy dice and shag carpeting – this is 2016, not 1972. Here are a few ways that you should consider to upgrade and personalize your car’s interior and make it truly yours:

Interior 1Stereo – Most car stereo systems are, for lack of a better term, *blah* sounding. True, you can make them louder and softer, but some of them simply lack the definition that enables you to hear everything without distortion. It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to Paganini, Bob Marley, or 311, every car can benefit from a stereo upgrade. First, get a head unit that matches your needs – shoot for quality over wattage. Then, upgrade your speakers to match the wattage of your head unit. Most speaker manufacturers have matching sets that fit your factory mounts without ruining the look of your car. This is also a great DIY project.

Upholstery – This tends to be on the more expensive side, and we’re not talking those cheap “custom” seat covers to hide the old vinyl seats. Hire a professional for professional results, and you’ll have a car interior as unique as you are.

Shift Knob – This upgrade can range in price, and you can find shift knobs as simple as a bored-out 8-ball and as intricate as Swarovski-crystal-embedded wood. Shift knobs can be made out of practically anything, and can even be a great conversation starter.

Mini-Fridge – Everyone can appreciate a cool drink on a hot day. Cars are basically rolling greenhouses, and they can get hot indeed. If you have a drink in there, it won’t be exactly refreshing! Install a mini-refrigerator and you’ll have a refreshing drink at hand – non-alcoholic, you know better than that. The best idea we’ve seen is the one that mounts inside your center console, out of sight.

Interior 2Ceiling Net – This is a DIY solution that we found pretty cool. Most cars are woefully short on interior storage space, particularly for bulky items like hats and jackets. True, you may have a hanger on the side, but what if you have passengers? A repurposed bungie-net that motorcycle riders use could be perfect. Just string it up between the four overhead handles and you have the perfect spot to stash that jacket. Beware of tall passengers though, because this will be right in their faces.

There are literally thousands of ways to personalize your car’s interior. Pick a few and customize your ride. As you consider your options, always make sure they do not interfere with safety equipment or visibility. After all, what good is a personalized ride if it gets you injured in an accident?

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