Chances are good that, if you are one of nearly a quarter-million registered drivers in the United States, you just might love cars. We’re not talking about just driving cars, as the millions of drivers put on an average of over 13,000 miles per year, but someone who loves driving, someone who loves engines and transmission and car bodies and everything with four wheels and an engine.

Now, it’s one thing to love cars, and maybe you even get to work on your own cars, detailing, upgrading, maintaining, and repairing once in a while. What if you could get a job where you get to work with cars all day long, every single day? If you love cars, these jobs might be exactly what you need to get your fix – and these are just a few.

Automobile Technician – Of course we had to mention working on cars, and automotive technicians are some of the best-paid automotive employees. True, you have to buy your own tools, but most automotive courses are just two years to get you in the door with an Associate’s Degree and employment constantly in-demand.

Electronics Installer – If you’re into sound systems, lighting accessories, and other automotive electronics, then maybe work as an electronics installer is your ticket to success and satisfaction. Electronics installers often work on newer vehicles and may require a short certificate program to familiarize themselves with 12-volt systems.

Valet – Love driving and wish you could just drive

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cars for a living? You can do that, too, and valets get to drive all kinds of vehicles between the repair shop and their customer’s homes or jobs. High-end dealers often use valets, such as Range Rover, Lexus, and Maserati. All you need to get started as a valet is a driver’s license, good driving record, and a winning attitude.

Automotive Engineer – Want to get even deeper and design the next generation of automobiles? Tightening fuel economy and emissions standards mean automotive engineers are in demand, because drivers still want power and performance! A Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical or electrical engineering, as well as analytical skills, transfer well into automotive engineering positions in practically any automobile manufacturer or automotive specialty company.

Automotive Instructor – Most automotive jobs start with gaining knowledge, either on the job or in the classroom. Today’s advancing technology means more of that learning is taking place in the classroom, where automotive instructors are in demand. A Bachelor’s Degree, or Associate’s Degree and experience, are needed to get the next generation of automotive employees ready for working on old and new and future cars alike.

Tow Truck Driver – When cars aren’t being driven, maintained, repaired, or parked, they’re breaking down. Flat tires, engine problems, and other issues can sideline drivers on their way anywhere. Enter tow truck drivers, everyday heroes who help people get back on their way. Basic automotive knowledge is required, plus practical geometry, to help those in need.

Ready to turn the key and supercharge your automotive career? Take your love of cars and visit your local college or university see what steps you need to take. As the number of cars on the road continues to grow, automotive specialists like you will need to take the wheel.

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