Summer is one of the seasons that we both anticipate and dread. While it often means a break from school and hectic schedules as well as relaxing vacation, it also means long days with the kids home and high temperatures that can make going outside nearly unbearable. But we aren’t the only ones that suffer in the heat. Our vehicles, which remain either outside or in the un-air-conditioned garage, take a good deal of abuse during the summer months. Especially if you plan on doing a lot of summer driving, keeping your car cool is important if you want it to keep running.

The most important part of your vehicle is under the hood. This is where the engine and all of the most important functions occur, so it makes sense that you need to your fluid levels properly maintained. Getting the oil changed, checking the air filter, and maintaining the proper engine coolant level will keep your vehicle running smoothly without overheating. For the most part you can check these things yourself, however, it’s not a bad idea to take your vehicle in to a trusted mechanic for a pre-summer checkup. They can do a thorough check of your fluids, belts, A/C, and tires and alert you of any concerns prior to the abuse of summer.

With your vehicle ready to face the heat you can get on with your summer plans. If you want to keep your car cool while you are out and about investing in a good shade screen can help keep the temperature in your car at a more reasonable level. Also, parking in the shade can help aid this cause. Going out in the early morning or evening can help you avoid the brunt of the midday heat; which will benefit you and your vehicle.

Here’s to an enjoyable summer as we all try to stay cool and beat the heat!

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