According to an article from, it’s that time of year again, for the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association’s National Tire Safety Week.

Many major tire companies are very active in the association’s events including National Tire Safety Week. Some are Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli.

The National Tire Safety Week is now in its eighth year. And this year their campaign slogan is “Be Tire Smart, play your PART.”  The campaign is designed to help drivers do the simple maintenance that is needed to avoid more dangerous and permanent damage to your tires.

Think about it. Your tires are the only thing that touches the road when it comes to your car. It’s important to check your tire pressure and make sure it’s at the proper level.

“Improper air pressure in tires can lead to a multitude of problems, ranging from uneven and accelerated tire wear to structural tire damage. An underinflated tire also has the potential to affect tire performance, including making a vehicle less fuel-efficient.”

And with gas prices creeping back up towards three dollars, the more fuel efficient your car can be the better.

Checking your tire pressure is one of the easiest things a consumer can do to keep your vehicle in tip top shape.

“Goodyear outlets will be distributing Be Tire Smart, Play Your PART consumer booklets that stress the importance of inflation pressure, wheel alignment, tire rotation and visual checks of a tire’s tread.”

Here are some of the top safety tips from the article to keep your tires in the best shape possible:

  • Check tire pressure,
  • Rotate tires regularly,
  • Keep proper vehicle alignment,
  • keep tires balanced,
  • check tire tread depth,
  • and replace worn tires.

Other great ways companies are celebrating is

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