Having a great new car means that you probably want to trick it out, and you want to do it as soon as possible. If you are a drag racer this will mean new wheels, rims, and a number of other things. While there are a lot of things that you can do on your own, there are also other things that you can’t do on your own and you should probably take it to a professional to get some help with your modifications.

Tubbing a car is a time honored tradition from the early sixties with the purpose of putting into the car wider tires without having them stick out anywhere. This can also be used to get larger tires, if you are looking to make the vehicle sit higher than it does now. This is not a job you should try to take on by yourself for a number of reasons. You should probably find a good mechanic in town you can help you with this task. In any town there is usually at least one mechanic who loves to work on cars to make them cooler. He is usually the one who owns one or two muscle car s he built himself from scraps. This is definitely the person you want to talk to about tubbing your car for wider tires. If you are resistant to this idea, think of this, you are going to need to talk to him unless you have the ability to weld . You are going to need to be able to take metal apart and put it back together. If only for this reason, this is usually not a project you can take on by yourself.

In order to tub your car you are going to need a mini tubbing kit . This will come with a lot of metal that will need to be cut down to the specific dimensions that you want it to be. The essence of what you will need to do is take apart the wheel walls plus some so that you will go deeper into the car, and then you will need to rebuild the tire walls so as to allow the new wider tires to fit.

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