XD LogoThere is nothing quite like the look of a fresh clean car on display at local dealership or car show. Seeing these cars looking beautifully waxed and shinning can make you want your own vehicle to look that nice and new. While you may not have the same custom parts or xd wheels it is possible to get your car shining like new.

It’s no great revelation to state that the most visible part of your vehicle is the body. Keeping the car itself clean and waxed will help preserve your paint and keep your car looking like new. But to have a truly stunning car pay close attention to the details like the chrome and, most importantly, the tires.

To really make your tires shine you have to start by cleaning them. There are special products that you can buy to clean your tires and rims; however, unless you have special customized parts, regular car wash will work. Soap and sponge are best used to clean car rims, while a brush and more abrasive cleanser can get the difficult buildup off your tires. Once your tires and rims are clean dry them thoroughly with an old towel. You can go back over your rims with a clean towel and polish to give them nice shine once you are finished with the tires.

Now it’s time to give your tires that much desired shine. There are many tire shine products out there and a lot of it comes down to preference. Choose the one that works best for you and your particular tires. Most will come with an applicator and you can apply the shine either to the applicator or the tire. Once it is applied rub the sidewalls of your tires to spread it evenly over the surface of the tire. There is a video included at the bottom to further demonstrate the application process. You want it to be as even as possible; however you can go back over it with a towel if it gets heavy in spots. Any excess on the rims can also be wiped off. And just like that you have tires that look like new and a car that will be the envy of all your friends!

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