Just a few months ago, a fire broke out at a tire manufacturing plant in downtown Phoenix. Anyone who has seen the cloud of black smoke that this produces, or who has tried to just simply breath even miles away from a tire fire, knows instinctively that this is not good for the environment nor for the people living in close proximity. Well, it is not only environmentally unsound, it is also an illegal way for the disposal of used tires. Years ago, it was common practice for some, to even use old tire trackers as fuel for their wood burning stoves. Tire disposal and the recycling of tires is heavily regulated by the United States government, so it is beneficial to know the legal practices and methods for discarding old car and truck tires.

Some people have gotten creative over the years, making tire swings for the children out of their old tires. Many people will use them for flower planters, or for the borders of their driveways or their properties. How for some people, this just is not their style to have begonias growing out the middle of a truck tire, and many landfills will not accept these used tires, so what is the consumer to do?

One of the best and simplest ways to dispose of the old tires is to take them to the local tire retailer. Many of them have access to programs which ship the tires off to be retreaded. In other cases, the tires can be broken down and used for the pavement of roads, streets and parking lots. In the city of Chicago, many of the playgrounds in the grade schools, have a recycled tire “deck” underneath the playground equipment, which may seem strange but an extra added benefit to this is that should a child fall from a swing set or monkey bars, the tire deck actually provides a bit of cushion to their fall. As stated, just as one returns used oil to the mechanic, returning used tires to the tire shop is the easiest way to legally rid oneself of the tires without causing damage to the environment.

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