Changing the wheels on any vehicle is a somewhat simple process when you have the right tools. This is also true of changing dual wheels; however there are a few more things that you need to pay close attention to or you could cause some very costly damage. Paying attention to the details is an important part of the process.

Before you begin changing your custom truck wheels , make sure that you have all of the proper tools. This includes a floor jack, two heavy duty jack stands, 24-inch ½-inch drive-breaking bar, ½-inch drive socket set with larger sockets, 6-inch extension to ½-inch drive, 2 wheel chocks, lubricant, a large hammer, and a torque wrench . If you don’t have these tools, it would probably be better to take your truck to a professional mechanic.

This first thing to do when preparing to jack up your car is place the chocks in front of or behind the tires that you won’t be working on to prevent your car from rolling. In this case they would go in front of your front tires. Once the chocks are in place you can begin removing the lug nuts from the outside tire. With those are loosened you can begin lifting your truck. The ideal location for the jack is under the rear axle by the lower shock mount then place the stands under the rear axel on both sides of the jack and as close as possible to the wheel. With your vehicle lifted securely, you can now remove the lug nuts. You then want to remove the outside tire first and the inside tire second. If the inside tire is stuck to the hub you can break it free by spraying the area where they are connected with lubricant and then hitting the sidewall of the tire with a large hammer.

With both of the tires removed, this is where it is very important that you pay attention to the details. The outside wheel rim contours in and the inside wheel rim contours out. This is very important when you are putting the new ones on. Some even come with a small pin on the interior hub that inserts into the outside rim; however if these are not put together correctly it can cause serious damage to your rims, hub, and lug studs.

When it comes to installing the new dually wheels, the process is repeated in reverse. Place the inside wheel on first and then the outside. Replace the lug nuts. Remove the jack stands and then lower your vehicle back to the ground. Lastly, tighten your lug nuts and double-check your work.

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