Chrome plated sportbike rims can add an extra level of personalization to something that really is an extension of a person’s personality. It can also add a lot to a bike in terms of easier maintenance. Chrome plating, as long as it is done with chrome and is not being called that, will have a higher corrosion resistance, be harder, easier to clean, and many women find it very attractive. Unfortunately, chrome plating can cost a lot of money. With prices ranging from the low $300s to the high $900s for just two wheels, the price of chroming sportbike wheels is variable.

One of the variables is the type of bike.
Depending on the type of bike you will need different rims, and the cost of custom rims for each type is different, just like the cost of the rims themselves will range.

Another variable is the type of chrome.
There are different colors that the chrome will come in, and that depends on the process by which the chrome is plated to the rims. Different processes cost different amounts of money. While the silver chrome is the most common of the colors, black is also often seen on sportbikes.

Last variable is Workmanship
Workmanship comes in a lot of forms, and you will want to be on the look out for bad workmanship especially when they are working on this. If a workman is saying he will plate your rims in chrome and plates them with any other metal mixture it will be lacking in the protective qualities that make chrome so attractive. If the chrome process was done wrong, the chrome may also start to peel off of the rims. This will cost you a lot of money. If you can, spring for a better made chrome plating with real chrome instead of steel and make sure you check around before you let anyone put chrome plating on your rims.

If you find a place that will do your rims for cheap, you may want to question them on what goes into their estimate for the chroming process and what the exact metal mixture is that they will be coating your rims with, it could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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