The biggest factor on wear for any tire is use. The way that you use them and the frequency of that use can either add to or take away from the number of miles you will get out of them. This is true for all types of tires from all-terrain tires to street drag radials.

Owners of drag racing cars estimate that they get anywhere from 15,000-30,000 miles on their street drag radials. Street drag radials are constructed differently than typical tires. They have a slightly smaller sidewall width and thinner tread. This helps them achieve higher speeds while maintaining a smooth ride. Also because of the radial construction , they will get better fuel economy than non-radial tires, though that is probably the last thought going through your mind as your speeding down the track.

If you want to conserve your street drag radials you need to, like any tires, take care of them. Racing them at the track is a sure fire to shorten the life of your tires. Peeling out of the street or in parking lots will also add unnecessary wear to your tires. While these things are fun to do, and often the purpose of having a drag racing car and tires, they will not prolong the life of your tires. In the past, street drag radials were notorious for loosing traction on wet surfaces when the tread became low; however many companies are developing ways to combat that, such as the flame design on the tread of mickey thompson tires that will help improve that traction.

Tires can be an expensive investment as well as being an important safety feature on your car. Good driving and regular maintenance will ensure that you get as much out of your tires as you paid for. On the other hand, if you like buying new tires and enjoy racing at the track — have fun and be safe.

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