When you’re looking for tires for your car, whether you’re finishing off a full classic restoration or trying to give your car a classic look – to be sure, it doesn’t work for all cars – size, style, and function are surely going to play a part in your decision. Unfortunately, you can’t always get all three in tires manufactured today, but Diamond Back Tires begs to differ.

Most classic tire manufacturers start from classic molds and classic processes, while others blend more modern technology into their tires. This limits their tire offerings to just a few sizes and tread patterns. Some can even add redlines or bluelines, even whitewalls to their tires, but unless they’re applied during manufacture, there’s a good chance they won’t last even a season before fading or peeling. The Diamond Back Tire process adds your custom sidewall treatment to almost any tire you like, but not just a peel-and-stick look-alike, but with original and unique methods not found in other manufacturers.

This is what sets Diamond Back Tires apart from other classic tire offerings: Their starting tire is any tire you want, a high-performance Michelin, comfortable Cooper, even Nitto truck tire, 13 inches, 15 inches, 18 inches, even 24 inches. Diamond Back offers more classic car tire sizes than all the other companies combined, simply because they start with high-quality mass-produced radials. Besides greatly increasing the number of tires Diamond Back Tires can offer, it also improves ride quality, tire traction and safety, and makes for a better overall product.

First, you can customize the sidewall treatment, be it bluelines, redlines, goldlines, or whitewalls in whatever width and combination you desire. Then, after roughing up the outside of the tire, Diamond Back Tires uses a chemical-and-heat vulcanization process to permanently mate the sidewall treatment to the sidewall of the tire, the exact process which made the tire when it was first manufactured. The sidewall treatment is purely decorative and doesn’t affect tire performance in any way, but Diamond Back Tires’ process ensures a lasting bond, impossible to remove.

Diamond Back Tires is a fourth-generation family business, the modern tire manufacturer evolving from a tire retread company. Family values drive the company, whose customer satisfaction and warranty service are among the best in the tire business. Bill Chapman, Diamond Back Tires CEO, doesn’t cut corners or use gimmicky sales tactics, but a simple method to sell his tires: “Always be better than the competition.” Check around your next classic car show, and you might notice gleaming whitewalls or redline or blueline sidewalls gracing decidedly modern tread, a safe bet you’re looking at a set of custom Diamond Back Tires.

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