classic on the roadYou have many options for holiday gifts that will delight the classic car owner in your life. The possibilities vary from exotic to creative, from expensive frugal. With a little ingenuity, you can find a gift even for someone who appears to have everything.

Choosing a gift for a car owner involves understanding the custom car culture. Standard items such as car parts and paraphernalia are the core areas to start searching for the special gift that will raise eyebrows.

Custom Parts

Parts span the horizon from simple replacements to that one thing they wanted yet would never shell out the money for. Parts can be original, replicas, or modified version such as popular Billet accessories. As with any gift, there is the potential to miss the mark if you purchase a specific part. This is easily overcome by purchasing a gift card to the store that features the product category.


Paraphernalia consists of household items with associated graphics such as clothing, calendars, and coffee cups. Your options range from purchasing gifts with major brands already on them to designing your own and having it printed by one of many online services such as CafePress or Zazzle.

Exotic Gifts

The more exotic gifts expand the field to areas of specialty items with a theme centered around the car model or manufacturer. You can create these items or have them specially made by vendors, craftsman, and freelancers that offer graphic design services. For example, making a calendar that features images associated with the particular car they own is sure to garner the attention of your recipient and will continue to do so throughout the calendar year.

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The possibilities in this category are virtually endless. They range from stocking stuffers to full blown trips involving the vehicle. There are services that will actually ship a car to a location  — including foreign and overseas destinations — for a once in a lifetime drive and tour. You could plan a vacation around this adventure. Your recipient has a lot of time and pride invested in their classic car, why not let them enjoy driving it somewhere special?

Car Palm Trees C

Like the popular pet portraits, some artists will create a portrait of a dream car from reference photographs. Remember the episode of Overhaulin’ when they hand-delivered a rendered image that was personally drawn by Chip Foose? Imagine how happy this gift would make your friend/spouse/family member! With a little Photoshopping adjustment or landscape painting ingenuity, portraits could feature desired backgrounds such as mountains, sunsets, or even drag strips. This is also the time to vary the looks of the vehicle by perhaps altering the wheels or paint scheme or paint color to match one the recipient has considered.

Whatever car — or cars — your recipient love, you have many options for holiday gifts that feature the object of their obsession. All you have to do is watch closely and you’ll soon discover what appeals to the owner. Then it’s just a matter of creating or finding that special gift.

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