Whether you’re looking for cheap tires online, to upgrade your ride, or for wheel and tire packages for off-roading or Winter, you have a lot of choices. In fact, search “tires online” or “rims for sale,” and you’re sure to be bombarded by online retailers and private sellers across the country or even overseas. Now, you could just do some quick calculations – wheels and tires online plus shipping and handling gives you and quick and dirty way to compare prices from different vendors, but Performance Plus Tires suggests there is a better way.

Shopping cheap tires online and rims for sale, who knows where those parts are even coming from? Wheel and tire packages, too, who knows if they’re even genuine or if they’ll deliver the promised looks, ride quality, and safety they should? Unlike the big box stores and discount warehouses of the internet, many of whom are simply a website and a dispatch center, Performance Plus Tire is firmly grounded in the real world, with a real-world address and people who understand you.

What’s Behind the Name?

Performance Plus Tire isn’t by any means a newcomer to the business, looking to break into online sales with cheap tires online and rims for sale, but has been going strong for well over three decades. Established in 1971, by Hank Feldman, Performance Plus Tire has been a Southern California fixture since. Expanding into the online space was not without considerable thought, but one of the best places to get wheel and tire packages is now online with a firm presence.

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Whether you visit Performance Plus Tire & Automotive Superstore’s Long Beach, California, location, PerformancePlusTire.com, or the official eBay Store, you’ll find knowledgeable and professional associates who know the difference between cheap tires online and cheap tires and wheels. Really, it’s experience that separates Performance Plus Tire from the rest, starting from one of the best traditional tire shops in SoCal and becoming one of the Nation’s best online tire retailers.

What’s it Like to Buy Tires Online from Performance Plus Tire?

Performance Plus Tire LogoIf you know what you’re looking for, you may never interact with anyone. This often happens when simply shopping for replacement tires the same as those already on your vehicle. On the other hand, what if you have a question? Are you plus-sizing or downsizing, lifting or dropping? Who do you ask? When you ask Performance Plus Tire, you get an answer from someone who knows wheels, tires, and suspension kits inside and out, direct from the top tire manufacturers in the world.

Then, once you’ve made your request, a suspension kit, new tires, or a wheel and tire package, Performance Plus Tire has thousands of tires and wheels in stock and ready to ship. Wheel and tire packages are professionally mounted and balanced by tire technicians with decades of experience. After the sale, if you have any questions or concerns, a real person responds when you call, and to online posts, usually within the same day.

We can’t tell you where to shop for cheap tires online or wheel and tire packages or rims for sale, but we can tell you who offers the best customer service, knowledgeable associates, and real-world automotive experience to help you before and after the sale: Performance Plus Tire.

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