This Friday is one of the premier events on the Performance Plus Tire calendar: The annual Summer BBQ & Cruise Night. Many fans are drawn to the event for the classic cars, food and entertainment. While they enjoy an evening of fun, they can also contribute to the Food Drive that has become a community service project over the last 14 years.

The very first food drive can be traced back to Performance Plus owner Hank Feldman and his son. The boy’s Scout troop needed a service project and Hank helped them organize a food drive. Can of food were collected at the showroom and the scouts helped sort the food into packages that were distrubted to 10 needy families in the local community.

Over the years Hank has been joined by Ricky Oropeza and the food drive has grown to a massive endeavor involving local Long Beach charities as well as Performance Plus customers and local car buffs. Dedicated support for the drive over the years include the Long Beach Police Officers Motor Patrol, Coker Tire, Wheel Pros, and the Long Beach Model T Club as well as numerous other organizations and individuals. Last year over 1600 food boxes were distributed to 725 needy families.

So, stop by the Cruise Night this Friday between 5-9 pm and help kick off this year’s Food Drive. Food will be collected through November 18th at the 4th Annual Hot Rod Happening.

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