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As do-it-yourself mechanics, we often work on our car with our trusty toolbox. Some of us use it so much that it feels like an extension of our own hands. We may even go as far as to name it! Whatever your relationship is with your toolbox, you probably have an idea of the most essential tools needed for working on your car. If you are trying to clean out your toolbox, though, and are deciding what is most important or used when working on your car, it might help having a guide to make sure you have what is most needed. – And if you’re new to DIY, this article will help you stock your toolbox like a pro.


While there are a lot of variables that create needs for a variety of tools, for most work there is a specific grouping of tools needed almost 100% of the time. The first of these essential tools would be wrenches. Used on nearly all DIY projects, wrenches are the bridge to help you in replacing most parts on your vehicle. Oftentimes wrenches come in sets, either standard or metric, and can easily fit into your toolbox.

While normal wrenches are necessary to have in your toolbox, socket wrenches are a modern improvement to wrenches that can save your knuckles and w

rists in hard to reach places. Socket wrenches normally come in a set as well, which should have all the necessary socket sizes for all your DIY needs. Other wrenches, such as combination wrenches, torque wrenches, and adjustable wrenches, each have their usefulness for basic and advanced DIY projects and should be included in your toolbox.

Other Tools

Miscellaneous tools that are essential for your car toolbox may not be used for necessarily fixing your car, but rather troubleshooting it. Different gauges are great to have on hand, or in this case in box, for situations where finding out exactly what is wrong with your vehicle. Some gauges that you probably want to keep in your toolbox, each of which is specifically designed to troubleshoot a specific part or region of your vehicle:

  • tire pressure gauges
  • compression gauges
  • wire and taper gauges

Other maintenance tools that are important to have in your car toolbox include handheld or portable work lights, which can be easily stored inside your toolbox, and safety equipment (safety glasses, gloves, etc.) Multi-purpose tools, that can be used on other projects as well, such as a hammer, pliers, and a utility knife, are all important to have in your car toolbox as well. Each can help you in situations where thinking outside the box is the only way to solve or fix an issue that unforeseeably arises.

If you are new tech or DIY mechanic, stocking up the right tools in your car toolbox is an. Having the right tools can make every project you do, a little easier and a little quicker each time.

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