U2’s 1983 hit New Year’s Day really deserves more recognition, mostly because its refrain, “Nothing changes on New Year’s Day” is so true. Over half of all resolution-makers make and break New Year’s resolutions like exercising more, learning a new skill, saving more money, or spending more time with family and friends. How about some New Year’s resolutions you can keep? Here are ten New Year’s resolutions you can put into practice right now:

Learn to Drive Economically

Fuel economy and emissions have as much to do with the vehicle you drive as with how you drive it. By avoiding aggressive driving, jackrabbit starts, hard braking, and unsafe lane changes, you can help your car last longer, burn less fuel, and avoid unnecessary repair bills.

Change Your Oil Regularly

Honestly, regular engine oil changes are the single most important thing you can do to help your engine last longer. When the heart of your car is beating reliably, daily commutes and weekend trips are a breeze. Always use the right engine oil, change your engine oil on time, and consider switching to superior synthetic oil.

Keep Your Car Clean

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Inside and outside, a clean car does more than say you care about your looks, but that you care about your car. Regular cleaning, vacuuming, shampooing inside will help your carpets last longer and your car smell better. Washing, waxing, and undercarriage cleaning outside isn’t just shiny, but helps to prevent rust from eating your car.

Check Your Tires Regularly

Tire safety is more than just watching tire wear, but tire pressure as well. True, tire underinflation causes abnormal tire wear and poor fuel economy, but it also causes tire blowouts, which can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Buy a quality tire pressure gauge and use it weekly. Learn more about reducing tire wear here.

Be Patient with Other Drivers

Wherever you’re going, realize you’re bound to meet up with all kinds of drivers, aggressive, timid, professional, and inexperienced, and we all make mistakes anyway. This can admittedly be difficult, but patience can go a long way toward making the daily commute more pleasant for everyone on the road.

Stop Idling Your Engine

There’s really no reason to idle your engine more than a few minutes. Some might use excuses like, “starting wears out the starter,” or “I need to warm up my car,” but idling just wastes fuel and money and increases emissions for no reason. Also, “warming up the car” leads to increased engine wear!

Obey the Speed Limit

We’ve somewhat covered this resolution in others on this list, but speed deserves special mention. Everything is against exceeding the speed limit. It’s unsafe, increases wear, wastes fuel, increases emissions, and doesn’t save you much time, if any. Stay calm and stick to the speed limit.

Start Saving for Your Next Ride

If there’s a single constant about cars, it’s that they wear out. Eventually, no matter how much maintenance and repair money you spend, the car will require replacement. Setting aside money for a down payment on a new car is a great way to reduce your monthly payment when that time comes.

Have you already broken your other New Year’s Resolutions? How about making a fresh start with your car to help it last longer and save you money? Any other New Year’s Resolutions you think should have made this list? Talk them up in the comments. k”>

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