In 1958, Harold Coker started Coker Tire Company, in Chattanooga, TN, but there was a problem: It was nearly impossible to find the right tires for classic cars from the 30s and 40s. Already well-versed in automotive restoration, Coker envisioned producing his own vintage-style tires for classic and antique cars, and so Coker Tire Company was born. Still, antique tire production wasn’t particularly profitable at the time, the main business coming from tires put on daily drivers of the day. The side business stayed on the back burner until 1974, when son Corky was handed the reins to the antique tires division.

Corky Coker had a lot to think about, besides marketing and distribution – how about how to produce tires that were no longer in production? Instead of reinventing the wheel – or the tire, pardon the pun – Coker found the best way to reproduce these antique designs was to simply buy discontinued tire molds that hadn’t been scrapped. When scouring the world for tire molds yielded all its fruit, Coker went to the original engineering drawings for the rest. In addition to producing original antique and classic tire treads, Coker also worked out deals with major tire brands to use their brand names, and so you’ll find classic BF Goodrich, Michelin, and Uniroyal tires, to name a few, right alongside Coker Tire.

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Coker Tires produces hundreds of tire sizes for classic and antique vehicles, using restored and new original molds and modern technology. Whitewall tires and redline tires offer a classic look, complete with classic tread design, but with modern construction and tread compounds. Vintage-profile tires maintain the look of a restored classic car, but are also available in modern radial-ply construction for ride comfort and maximum safety and performance. Many Coker vintage tires are available in either radial or bias-ply internal construction and vintage-style external appearances.

At Performance Plus Tire & Auto, we’ve got tires for practically everything on the road, whether it’s a 2017 Audi or 1937 DKW (predecessor of Audi), a 1998 Ford or a 1908 Ford, or a 1935, ’55, ’65, or ‘05 Chevy. Since day one, Performance Plus Tire & Auto’s Hank Feldman, also of Hot Rod Hank’s, has partnered with Coker Tires’ Corky Coker, perhaps Coker Tires’ biggest distributor of antique and classic tires in the country, Performance Plus Tire & Auto keeps hundreds of Coker Tires in stock, ready for installation or shipping in as little as a day. Call or visit our Long Beach, CA, shop or visit our website to discuss your classic car tire options with a professional Be sure to check out our broad selection of classic and vintage-style wheels, perfectly matched to your classic car and a set of Coker Tires.

Coker Tires is the leading manufacturer of vintage and antique tires for the discriminating car collector. White walls and time specific tires are a specialty, and Performance Plus Tire has been a partner with the founder Corky Coker since day one! With a massive selection in our store in Long Beach, we are Coker’s largest distributor hands down! We sell Coker tires with free shipping across the country! We are experts in vintage tires (and wheel fitments!), so give us a call if you have any questions, we’d be happy to serve you and get you the right tires at the best price!

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