Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron

Those in the celebrity world have the paparazzi glued to them, desperate to find the next scandal to sink their teeth into. We, however, are interested in the lives of celebrities for a very different reason. Many celebrities, either publicly or privately, own a variety of cars in their vast collections. Celebrity comedians like Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, and Tim Allen are all known for having an impressive car collection, while other celebrity collectors like Chris Brown, Ralph Lauren, and Nicolas Cage may surprise you. Whether famous for acting or rapping, making us laugh or designing our clothes, this diverse group of car collectors each possess a remarkable quantity, and quality, of valuable vehicles.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, known for his personage within the clothes’ fashion label of Polo, may not be famous for it, but he definitely has rights to brag about the sundry cars in his collection. Sporting a Bugatti Veyron, a couple Ferrari 250 Testa Rossas, a supercharged Bentley, and an extremely rare, one-out-of-five, McLaren F1LM, Ralph Lauren proves he is a car-nut.

John Cena

John Cena, a famous wrestler, is another a celebrity you wouldn’t expect to have a car collection. The type of cars in his collection, however, is what you might expect from a wrestler. His garage is full of American muscle cars, most of them from the 60’s and the 70’s.

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Jay Leno with fan at classic car showJay Leno

Another celebrity car collector, Jay Leno, is not as shy about his collection as other celebrities. His collection is as famous as he is, by the massive assemblage of vintage, rare, and antique cars he has acquired over the years. From his 1917 Fiat Botafogo Special to his ultra-rare Jaguar C-X75, Jay Leno’s collection is one of the most impressive in the celebrity world.

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld, a comedian and actor, is well-known for owning and talking, cars. Although he is known for being a car enthusiast and having an excellent collection of Porsches and other prized automobiles, the specifics of his collection are mostly rumor. He is recognized as a driver of a variety of classics, but whether the many cars he shows off are all his or not, we do know his collection is remarkable and extremely valuable.

Tim Allen

Someone that you would also expect to see with an impressive car collection is the longtime actor Tim Allen. Although not as popular as some of the other celebrities’ famous car collections, his is one that should not be overlooked. He has diverse tastes, as his collection includes some American cars, European cars, muscle cars, sports cars, and many different classics. Each of them is in excellent condition and would make any car collector proud.

Clearly, through the gossip and the gotcha of a celebrity’s life, we see that a few of them have a hobby that sparks the inner paparazzi in all of us. Whether a celebrity who is a closet-car collector or one who proudly displays his acquisitions, the car collecting celebrities of the celeb-world definitively have something we’d like to read more about.

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