NITTO Tire Auto Enthusiast Day – Register Today!

NITTO Tires is all about the enthusiasts, particularly since the company’s renaissance in the mid-1990s. Though always a small company, NITTO made its mark when it started asking drivers what they wanted, and then delivering. Today, NITTO sells tires for all kinds of vehicles, from luxury cruisers and agile sports cars to highway commuters and […]

Auto Repair Prices – Are You Being Overcharged?

Ask anyone for a good auto repair experience and you’re more likely to hear stories of being overcharged, misdiagnosed, overlooked, ignored, or outright scammed. To begin, auto repair is already expensive. Auto mechanics spend years on training and thousands of dollars on specialized tools and equipment to maintain, diagnose, and repair automobiles. For example, an […]

Where Have All the Sedans Gone?

Ever since Toyota invented the crossover – lookin’ at you, RAV4 – sedan sales have been in steady decline, whatever the gas prices and fuel economy numbers have been saying. In their place, crossovers and wagons have been steadily increasing in sales, but why isn’t anyone buying sedans anymore? Indeed, why are some automakers cutting […]

The Grand Tour Holds a Funeral for a Ford

The Grand Tour is the go-to show for car enthusiasts. Hosts Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May display a passion and love for all things car-related: driving anything from a Bugatti to a Ford Fiesta. They love them all. In 2018, Ford announced that they would be discontinuing their saloons, amid sedans losing popularity […]

All About the New Acura ILX

Despite declining sales in the sedan market – SUVs and CUVs are “it” for now – Acura is keeping its main focus on its luxury sedans. Three sedans underpin the Acura brand, including the entry-level Acura ILX, mid-range TLX, and high-spec RLX. The Acura ILX compact luxury sedan marked a several firsts when it was […]

History of Nitto Tires

Looking at Nitto Tire’s tagline, it become clear what the company’s mission is and what kind of tires they produce. Indeed, a tire company “Fueled by Enthusiasts” says it all, and Nitto designs and produces some of the most exclusive tires for nearly every performance category. Whether you’re off-roading, rally-racing, running quarters, drifting, or luxury […]

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