How To Shop For Tires

Buying new tires is all about finding the perfect fit for your car. But it’s easy to get confused on which set is the best option to roll with. Although price and brand name are important cues for a tire’s quality, it’s best to look for a set based upon the specific needs of your […]

Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain

Summer is here, and while that means clear sunny skies for most of us, some drivers will see quite a different weather report. Summer is also the season of hurricanes, monsoons, and torrential downpours, so be prepared with these quick driving tips. Slow Down Sure rain isn’t ice, but you still should slow down a […]

How to Put on Tire Chains

You might have an all-wheel drive car with snow tires and think it’s awesome in the snow. You’re probably right. However, there are some situations where even snow tires aren’t enough. It’s time to chain up. Prep First, of course, you have to buy chains for your car. They are sold in specific sizes, so […]

Preventing Winter Rust

Rust is the enemy of every classic car. Unless you are in the business of bodywork, rust is a major annoyance that if left untreated can turn into an expensive repair. Let’s take a look at how to prevent rust, and how to repair your vehicle if it has minor rust issues. First though, you […]

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