How Green, Really, is Your Car?

With concerns for the environment and our wallets, greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs respectively, so-called “green cars” are gaining more recognition. Every year, more and more cars become available that are pushing the limits of fuel economy, which directly relates to emissions and fuel costs. Some of the most fuel-efficient vehicles out there are […]

Winter Emergency Kits for Cars

You may not believe me when I tell you that the worst blizzards I have been in occurred in Virginia and Arizona. You may question me further knowing that I have lived and plowed snow in Colorado and the snowbelt region of New York state. I welcome the questions on these subjects as I hope […]

Fossil-free Tire to Debut at Tokyo Motor Show in November

While vehicles perform many wonderful functions, they are not traditionally known for their environmental friendliness; between the large gas guzzling engines and various necessary yet harmful manufactured fluids.  Fortunately those in the auto industry have taken these problems to heart and are working hard to find solutions.  Increased fuel efficiency, electric car options, and cars […]

Tires reused atop homes

According to a news article in the Beaverton Valley Times out of Oregon, Portland has decided to reroof a historic building using recycled rubber shingles, as part of a Conservation effort. The recycled rubber tire shingles do cost more money; however, they last up to fifty years. About ten percent of the tires thrown out […]

Shredded tires and playground surfaces

Surely you have seen a playground with a shredded tire surface. It makes sense because it seems like wouldn’t it be better to bounce of the surface if you fall instead of smacking your knees on the pavement? But according to a Chicago Tribune blog some parents are beginning to worry if the surface is […]