Love Cars? These Six Jobs Might Be for You!

Chances are good that, if you are one of nearly a quarter-million registered drivers in the United States, you just might love cars. We’re not talking about just driving cars, as the millions of drivers put on an average of over 13,000 miles per year, but someone who loves driving, someone who loves engines and […]

All About the New Acura ILX

Despite declining sales in the sedan market – SUVs and CUVs are “it” for now – Acura is keeping its main focus on its luxury sedans. Three sedans underpin the Acura brand, including the entry-level Acura ILX, mid-range TLX, and high-spec RLX. The Acura ILX compact luxury sedan marked a several firsts when it was […]

The Rarest Cars in the World

The most popular car in the world might be the Toyota Corolla, but not everyone wants to drive one. True, they’re great little cars, but going to the opposite end of the scale, you realize why movie stars, billionaires, and museums drive something altogether different. The rarest cars in the world weren’t produced in their […]

Making Winter Tire Swapping Easier

If you live where Winter promises cold temperatures, snowy roads, slushy driveways, snowbanks, and ice, you’ve likely got a dedicated set of snow tires ready to put on once the season hits. The Midwest and Northeast have already had a taste of what’s to come, so if you haven’t done it yet, drop everything and […]

Should You Buy an Orange Car for Fall?

Orange cars, not just orange highlights, seem to be more popular than ever, but they still make up few cars on the market. Henry Ford famously said, “You can have any color Ford you want, as long as it’s black.” Over a century later, things have changed quite a bit, and practically every color of […]

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