History of the Taxi

history of the taxi

In one form or another, taxis have been around for maybe millennia, or at least since the invention of chariots and wagons. Even before the wheel, royalty and people of merit were borne on litters, usually carried by the strongest and best-looking slaves. In modern times, we typically think of a taxi as a car […]

The Cars are the Stars in these TV Shows

When we mention “car show,” that might make you think of your local “classic car show,” annual “car shows” where they show off the latest models, or maybe one of those television car shows along the lines of “Top Gear” or “Pimp My Ride.” That’s not what we’re talking about today, however. What about television […]

A Mini MINI History

Really, to call this a “mini” history would be a mistake, but we’re only referring to the length of this article. Indeed, Mini idea has been around for thirty years, its first inception in England in 1957, the first cars making it to production in 1959. Coming Together The result of merging of two existing […]

Highlights in History of Engine Design – The Early Years

Today, there are over one billion vehicles on the road, pretty amazing when you think about the fact that the first automobile, the Benz Patent Motorwagen, rolled out of a shop barely 120 years ago. Still, vehicles weren’t widely distributed for a few years, until the advent of assembly-line vehicle fabrication, and then there was […]

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