In tough financial times people are looking for ways to pinch pennies and one question they have is whether they really need to buy new tires for their car or if they can save money by purchasing used tires.

The simple answer to the question is yes. There are numerous dealers and private sellers who offer used tires and you can easily find them in almost any city or town.

The real question is whether you should buy used tires.

While it is true that when you buy a used car you’re also buying used tires, it is not the same as buying just used tires. A used vehicle comes with information about the age, mileage, and condition of the vehicle and its tires. You can also get maintenance records from the seller and may find that the tires are actually newer than the vehicle itself. Buying used tires off a dealer or, worse, off the web sight unseen, gives you no such information or guarantees.

When you buy new tires from our website  or even a local dealer, you are given all the information about the tire ratings and materials. You may also get warranties from the manufacturer and be registered for notification of recalls due to defects. Buying used means you forfeit all that.

As a responsible driver, you take care to buy tires that are appropriate for the speed, weather conditions, and load capacity of your vehicle. You also make sure to keep your tires inflated to the proper pressure and to have them balanced and aligned as needed. There is no guarantee that the used tires you are buying were driven as responsibly. Neglect in any one of those areas can lead to internal tire damage. You have no way of knowing whether those tires that look clean and seem to have enough tread left are safe or if they are a few miles from a serious blowout.

While there are steps you can take to ensure you are getting the best possible used tire, consumer experts consider it a very risky proposition.

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