According to Modern Tire Dealer, the state of California is looking to figure out just how energy efficient those energy efficient tires are. California is taking its stab at tires with new legislation that proposes a fuel efficient tire program.

A draft of the proposal was brought before the California Energy Commission on June 10th.

“The commission is looking at a rating system for the rolling resistance of passenger and light truck tires sold or available for sale in California.”

According to the article the California Energy Commission said this: “The foundation of a government administered product rating system is a comprehensive database providing reliable test results and objective information accessible to everyone. A solid analytical basis combined with full disclosure and transparency inspires the confidence required for a rating system to be successful.”

The only thing is that this plan is going to cost money that the state just doesn’t have. Come on California aren’t you in debt enough already? Now you are trying to roll out things that Consumer Reports magazine will probably already do for you?

In the works is also a federal level rolling resistance regulation. That is being put up by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. So the California efforts are probably just a waste overall.

The California Commission thinks that the standards will start up competition between companies to be named the best. The Rubber Makers of America are hoping for a system where the companies keep track and compete amongst one another and challenge each other when they think something is not going right.

California should just leave it to the National stage. If Congress is already soon to consider a proposal from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, California will surely be a part of it.

This is good information for the consumer to have, but it’s not California’s responsibility to provide it.

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