Summer is here, the kids are out of school, and everyone is bracing for an ecstatic Summer-long Netflix binge. Goodness, we hope not! Never let it be said that there’s “nothing to do” in the great State of California, from beaches to mountains to arts and dining and everything in between. In the car capital of America, California Summer car shows reign supreme, outings everyone in the family can enjoy. Looking at the California Car Shows Calendar, just counting car shows in June, July and August, we counted well over 150 car shows up and down the State, as well as a couple just over the borders. (The map only shows a couple dozen.)

Car shows are a great way to get in touch with automotive history, something that’s defined the American, and especially Californian, landscape since the introduction of the automobile. Automotive enthusiasts love to show off a little, whether they’re into racing, restoration, or just making some noise. Summer car shows are the perfect time to show off! The weather is good, there are more people out and about, and school vacation is the perfect time for family outings.

Racing events are often coupled with car shows, especially where classic car racers come to show off their modded and un-modded rides. In comparison to today’s typical automobile, there’s indeed nothing quite like the roar of a classic carbureted V8 engine and the squeal of oversized drag tires. Car cruises are another great way to enjoy cars. While car shows show cars stationary, aren’t cars made to move? At your local Dairy Queen or other favorite Summer spot, you’re likely to see and hear Cruise Night almost every weekend!

Visiting a classic car show is like taking a trip back in time. While Rat Rod shows might be like visiting the most powerful junkyard ever, Classic Car shows show you what it was like to be there. Whether they’re showing off 30s Chevys or 50s Dodges, you can appreciate the time they put into restoring them to their former glory, with original parts, original colors, even original tires. Getting into a car show is all part of the joy of classic car restoration.

Classic car shows are just one kind of car show, but a popular one. Whether you’re into classic cars, sports cars, racing, or just want something interesting to do, take a look at the list of car shows in your area. On your way, you’ll see new sights, meet new people, and see all kinds of cars. As well, treat the family to great food, fun games, and family-friendly entertainment. Whether or not you’re a die-hard car enthusiast, taking the family to at least one California Summer car show will be a treat for everyone. Why not work in a car show this weekend or during your family vacation? That YouTube bender can find a spot off the bottom of list of “what to do” this Summer.

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