Barrett-Jackson, the annual car collector event that gathers auto lovers from around the nation, is held this week in Scottsdale, AZ. Being located just miles from the extravaganza, it’s hard to miss the pile-ups of tricked-out and souped-up classics making their way into the tents. This year’s event will auction off a record fourteen charity vehicles.

Some of the beauties on show and up for auction include a stunning 1934 Ford Custom Coupe, a 1957 fire red Ford Thunderbird and a cream-puff yellow 1954 Roadster. Even a “Popemobile” – a 1999 Vatican vehicle from General Motors – is up for sale.

Barrett-Jackson is such a spectacular attraction because every car has been maintained beautifully, demonstrating the quality craftsmanship of the original manufacturers and the dedication of their owners to preserve the iconic look and feels. The show is a representation of the inherent American fascination and appreciation for the automotive industry.

In a time when cars are more often criticized than celebrated, it is nice to have events like Barrett-Jackson that bring us back to our original love: good, old-fashioned, show-stopping cars.

The next Barrett-Jackson event on the calendar is “The Road to Paradise” in Palm Beach, Fl the week of April 9th.

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