There’s a Couple of Black Off Road rims that offer a lot of style for the money. One is FUEL Wheels and the other is made by Mickey Thompson. Fuel Wheels comes in 17″ thru 24″. 20 off-road wheels, 20″ Black Truck Rims have been hot for several years now and they come in a WIDE variety of sizes and off sets. These off road rims are made for stock trucks, leveled trucks and lifted trucks. Fuel Wheels are known for their black and matte black finishes machined highlights. Fuel Wheels look great on Lifted Chevy Trucks, Lifted Ford Trucks, Lifted Ram Trucks and Lifted Toyota Tundras.

These Fuel black road wheels are designed for the avid “off-roader” and the avid “around towner”. All Fuel Wheels are made from 6061-T Aluminum and though they look great they are not cheap. If you are looking to save some money, if you are planning on a 16″ or 17″ tire, then you can look into an affordable Black Steel Wheel by Mickey Thompson, the new Mickey Metal Wheels. These Black Steel Wheels are built tough and they have the Mickey Thompson Logo stamped right into the face of the wheel. You have to see up close to see how aggressive it looks, like the wheel has a tattoo, These off road rims are tough, they are built tough and with the right off set for lifted trucks. They fit Jeeps, Chevy’s Ford’s Ram’s Tundra’s and more. Mickey Thompson has a winner here, an affordable black steel wheel with an attitude, Mickey Metal. Either Aluminum Fuel Wheels or Mickey Thompson’s Mickey Metal Black Steel Wheels will give you that Black Off Road Look and set your truck apart.

Enjoy this video of the legend that is Mickey Thompson

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