Every year, manufacturers bring out new or revised vehicles, making every new year an exciting time for auto enthusiasts. 2015 is no different, and even has a few shockers that look to shake up the auto buyer’s idea of normal. Say hello to 2015’s best cars. You’re going to like them.

Ford Mustang

2015 Ford MustangFirst up is the one that has been everywhere the last half of 2014, and there’s a reason: the new Mustang rocks. Gone is the clunky live axle, replaced by a well thought out independent suspension that lets you feel the road, but not its harshness. A new EcoBoost four cylinder sits between the v6 and v8, with 310 hp. Prices start around $25,000, but expect to pay at least $32k for a v8 Mustang GT.

Ford F-150

Yeah, another Ford, but that is because the other Dearborn icon is also getting a complete makeover this year. The new F-150 sports modern, aerodynamic styling, and seriously cool headlights. Power, torque, payload, and towing capacity are all up, while weight is way down, thanks to extensive use of aluminum. That’s one huge gamble on the single best-selling vehicle in the US, but it looks like it could pay off with best in class MPG numbers and handling.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Last year’s Stingray was the blast of fresh air the Corvette needed, as its seventh generation debuted as a serious sports car in every way. This year, the Z06 model is a punch in the face to every pricey European exotic. The supercharged v8 thumps out 650 hp, and an equal amount of face flattening torque, matched with an eight speed transmission, and a track ready suspension. The Z07 package adds lightweight parts, monster brakes, and awesome tires, all for around $80,000, or the price of a Dodge Viper. Ten years ago.

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Jeep Renegade

Jeep Renegade 2015The compact crossover segment is hot right now, as people need wagons and hatchbacks, but don’t want the stigma. Enter the Renegade, Jeep’s most inspired design since, ah… ever? The tiny Jeep has lots of character, and the look is unmistakably trail rated Jeep. Choice of gas sipping engines are between a 1.4 liter four cylinder attached to a six speed manual, or a more powerful 2.4 liter unit with an eight speed automatic. Front or all-wheel drive is available, and Jeep assures us this mini off-roader will be capable in the dirt.

Hyundai Genesis

The first Genesis was a handsome, pleasant, nice try. Six years later, the second generation puts every other manufacturer on notice. No longer just for buyers wanting a long warranty, Hyundai offers style, performance, and value, and the new Genesis proves it. The sub $30k-ish sedan looks like a much more expensive Infiniti, with a BMW interior and Lexus build quality, yet undercuts everyone by thousands. New for 2015 is optional all-wheel drive, a Hyundai first. Consumer Reports has shown Hyundai’s quality is legit, so the Genesis could spell a whole lot of trouble for Fusion and Camry buyers at this price point. It’s not the sexiest car on this list, but it might just be the most revolutionary.

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