The Consequences of Bald Tires

Every mile, the average car tire rotates about 1,000 times, depending on its overall diameter. Every rotation, car tires leave just a little bit of rubber behind, gradually wearing down the tire treads. Eventually, car tires that started with 12/32” of tread depth will slough off all that “extra” rubber and you’ll end up with […]

Are New Tires a Good Gift Idea?

What makes a good gift? Almost everyone knows what a bad gift is, something that shows you didn’t put much thought into the relationship and needs of the people involved. Deciding on a good gift requires effort and a real understanding of what the receiver will appreciate and value from the giver. Are new tires […]

The 50 most expensive cars sold at auction

After a record breaking year in 2018, this year 2019 has also seen some heady numbers for cars sold at auction. Some unusual cars like the 1931 Duesenberg Model J fetched a price of $11.5million. The usual Ferrari’s and Bugatti’s reached big numbers. Check out this article for more on all 50 cars If […]

American Racing Wheels at Performance Plus Tire & Auto

American Racing Wheels has been designing and manufacturing steel and alloy wheels for the custom automotive industry since 1956, one of the first in aftermarket automotive customization. At first, American Racing Wheels centered production in Northern California, but eventually moved manufacturing to Southern California. By 1971, Hank Feldman’s Performance Plus Tire & Auto, based in […]

World’s Largest Mustang Gathering

Still the world’s best selling sports coupe the Ford Mustang broke another record, on the 7th of September Ford’s Lommel Proving Ground, 1326 Mustang’s met and roared onto the grounds with 20 meters between each vehicle. All generations were represented. The previous record was set in Toluca, Mexico on December 3, 2017, when 960 vehicles […]

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