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American Racing Wheels has been designing and manufacturing steel and alloy wheels for the custom automotive industry since 1956, one of the first in aftermarket automotive customization. At first, American Racing Wheels centered production in Northern California, but eventually moved manufacturing to Southern California. By 1971, Hank Feldman’s Performance Plus Tire & Auto, based in Long Beach, would provide American Racing Wheels to Southern California and, eventually online to the rest of North America, maybe the world.

American Racing Wheels really dates to the American muscle car revolution, when backyard tinkerers, motorheads, and car geeks were squeezing every horse they could out of their rides, rebuilding, modding, charging, and replacing their engines and transmissions. Of course, a custom car deserves a custom paint job, so another whole industry popped up to serve the need. Finally, wheels to put the power to the pavement were needed, because many stock wheels simply weren’t up to the task or weren’t available in the right size, thus marking the need for a custom wheel, and American Racing Wheels have become a mainstay in the automotive customization niche.

In the last decade or so, with the resurgence of American muscle car restoration, American Racing Wheels has gone back to its roots, offering the wheels that started it all, such as the ever-classic ARW Torq Thrust D, ARW T70R, and ARW 200S. Of course, not every American Racing Wheels model was made for muscle cars, but for classic and modern vehicles alike. Through the years there have been many popular vehicle/ARW combinations, such as the ARW Libre, which looks great on the Chevy Vega, Datsun 510, and Toyota Corona, or the ARW Lemans for the classic Volkswagen Beetle and the Porsche 914. The AR61 Outlaw and AR172 Baja are excellent choices for any vintage or modern Jeep Wrangler and other off-road vehicles, and who wouldn’t appreciate a new Dodge Challenger with AR893 Mainline wheels?

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Most vehicles come with a standard tire and wheel combination, these are built for the general public, not meant to shine in any particular way. Upgrading to a new American Racing Wheels and new tire package is a great way to improve the looks of your ride, improve performance, or both. No matter what your taste in cars or trucks, whether vintage, classic, muscle, restoration, commuter, off-road, or touring, chances are good American Racing Wheels has one to fit your style, many available in custom colors. Check out Performance Plus Tire & Auto, either online or in Long Beach, CA, and talk to one of the experts. Providing custom American Racing Wheels and tires since 1971, they’ll help you find a design that fits your style. With over 5,000 wheels and 6,000 tires always in stock, you can probably have them installed or shipped the same day.

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