You spend a good amount of time in your vehicle driving, so it should reflect your style. While there are lots of modifications available, some of them, like truck nutz, can reduce the cool factor. Here are some simple and affordable ways to customize your vehicle, without making it look like a Made in China ride.

tinted car windowsWindow tint is the first modification most people make to their vehicles. It’s affordable, helps keep your vehicle cooler in summer, and honestly just looks neat. Window tint can cost as little as $90 for a cheap shop doing a coupe, to several hundred dollars for metalized tint in an SUV. Keep in mind, you should obey tint local laws, as paying to have it redone is less affordable.

Vanity plates are another affordable way to express yourself. They are available in every state and absolutely legal since they are from the DMV. Pick an inoffensive word or saying that can fit on a plate, fill out the application and pay a minimal fee, then wait a month for your plate to be delivered. Don’t go for the obvious. ITSFAST on a base Camaro is not original or amusing. However, ITSSLOW on a Corvette ZR1 will leave people wondering. Extra points for being able to get a variant of BATMOBILE on your ride.

Another good option these days is a lighting upgrade. Back in the 1980s, the only thing available was smoked tail light covers. Now there are HID retrofit kits, LED strips, ambient interior lighting, and upgraded gauge lights. Quality has gone up massively in the last 10 years, so you can’t go wrong with a lighting upgrade, even the $10 ones. Remember, better lights can make your vehicle look great, and offer an increase in safety.

You spend a lot of time in your vehicle, and there are a lot of options to keep it from looking boring. Floor mats, seat covers, and steering wheel covers are all affordable, easy to put on, and when combined, can provide a theme for the interior of your vehicle. This could be anything from a simple red and black color scheme, to Scooby Doo. Also priced around $20, pedal covers and shift knobs offer chrome or carbon fiber replacements for your boring factory equipment.

Another popular modification is stick-on fender vents. These faux vents apply easily with double-sided tape. These multiple packs of stick-on vents are a heritage cue that harkens back 90 years, when cars had the exhaust venting through the fenders. The number of vents were determined by the number of cylinders, so to be technically correct today, your v6 vehicle should have three vents on each fender. If you have a v8 ride, you will need four on each fender.

Remember that if you are going to sell your vehicle, a lot of modifications can decrease your resale value. Think about what the majority of vehicle buyers would like to see added, and go from there. Or, flip society the bird, and modify to your heart’s content.

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