It seems like everyone wants a classic Bel Air, but there’s something to be said for what were then the budget models alongside the Bel Air, such as this custom 1955 Chevrolet 210.

In the 1950s, those looking for a taste of luxury had not much further to look than the Chevrolet Bel Air, but not everyone had the coin for such posh transportation. The Chevrolet 150 offered some of the style, but not as much luxury, which might have scared off potential Chevrolet buyers. Replacing the StyleLine DeLuxe series, the Chevrolet 210 or Two-Ten offered a better balance of style, luxury, and price. Introduced in 1953, the Two-Ten became an instant best-seller. Still, the model only lasted four years, which makes it one of the rarer cars out there.

Despite the scarceness of the Chevy 210 – the 1953 Chevrolet 210 Deluxe Convertible only made 5,617 – it doesn’t garner the high prices of the far more common Bel Air. Interestingly, for Chevy enthusiasts and collectors today, just as for buyers 65 years ago, the Chevy 210 can be had for less coin and makes for a great entry. It also happens to be a great palette for some beautiful custom jobs, such as Brian and Christine Sargeson’s custom 1955 Chevy 210.

A Bit of History

As is the case with many classic cars, the history of a car can be just as important as its origin. Originally given by a grandfather to his grandson as a college ride, it sat outside a London, Saskatchewan, barn for several years. Later, someone bought and restored it, giving it a new interior, small block 350, disc brakes, and a classic red paint job.

After getting a custom stereo system, the aptly-named “Classic Chev Sound Machine” was toured around London for the summer of ’95, 40 years after the car was released. CFPL Radio 98 and Merla-Mae Ice Cream sponsored the giveaway September 22, 1995, but the winner of the car, thrilled as he was, really didn’t have time to enjoy it. The classic Chevy Two-Ten went back to the barn!

About a decade later, Brian Sargeson, long-time member of the Brampton Street Rod Association, got his hands on it. Soon after, but a gas-station bump prompted them to engage in a three-year long restoration and customization of the classic car. A&D Performance completely stripped the car and brought it back to a life better-than-new.

Outside, the car is finished in an immaculate two-tone paint job, custom colors provided by House of Kolor. Tangelo Pearl and Snow White Pearl beautifully contrast each other and the custom beige leather interior, by Tack Auto Upholstery.

Indeed, it looks good enough to lick, but don’t. Under the hood, sits a custom outfitted 350 engine and transmission, vintage air conditioning system, all in beautiful custom billet trimmings. The car features upgraded brakes and a new rack-and-pinon power steering system. Power puts to pavement through a set of custom 17-inch US MAG wheels, shod in low-profile Bridgestone tires.

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