The 1990’s were a simpler time, full of windbreakers, scrunchies, brown lipstick, and sitcoms. One of the decade’s staples were The Spice Girls. Every teenage girl in the 90’s knew of the Spice Girls. The British pop group was a worldwide sensation immediately after their widely successful breakout single “Wannabe” was released in 1996. The group’s star power was solidified with the 1997 release of the movie Spice World. On June 14 and 15, all Spice Girls fans had a chance to stay in a piece of 90’s pop culture.

For $2,019 a night, you could stay in the iconic bus featured in the Spice World movie. It was the perfect way for any Spice Girls fan to sleep immersed in a piece of the pop group’s history. If you are someone who loves the nineties, the bus is filled with relics and memorabilia from that time. Of course, it was quite a hefty price tag. But it was the ultimate way for one to relish in their love for the British pop group and connect with a piece of 90s pop culture history.

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