Summer has brought the heat, but it’s still possible for your ride to be cool. A cooler ride is more enjoyable to drive and ride in, plus it can be better for you vehicle. You can run the A/C less often, and will prevent sun damage to the interior. Here’s some tips on how to beat the heat this summer.

  1. Park in the shade. Hey, it’s free! Find a tree or tall building and park there. Just as you notice the decrease in heat, your car will feel that much cooler when you return. If you are in a parking lot with no shade available, it is possible to bring your own.
  1. Get a 10’ by 10’ sun portable shade.  These “tents” are the best bet for your vehicle at a long car show, as it can protect you and your ride from UV rays and still allows a breeze to pass. They are sold at auto supply and outdoors stores for about $100. They are a great tool, but a bit much for the lot at work…
  1. Try parking away from the sun. Most vehicles have smaller windows in the rear, so the greenhouse effect is reduced compared to when the windshield faces the sun. For example, if you work noon to 8pm, park with the rear facing west.
  1. Leave the windows cracked about an inch. This will allow ventilation and prevent massive heat buildup, but not allow potential thieves easy access into your vehicle.
  1. Tint the windows. The laws vary by state, but most UV/heat reflective films are well within the law. A few hundred dollars will provide plenty of heat protection, and last almost as long as the vehicle.
  1. Buy a reflective shade for the windshield. These $20 folding shades reflect sunlight from the vehicle’s biggest window, so the heat never even gets inside your ride.


  1. Got a new or old muscle car? Check out rear window louvers. Yeah, they are kind of a throwback to the 1970s and ‘80s, but the big plastic slats create a big piece of shade over the rear of your car. Plus, retro is cool.
  1. Take a look at solar powered ventilators. These super affordable products clip to the window, and run a small fan that vents hot in-cabin air to the outside. Sure, it won’t be ice cold when you get in, but it won’t be an oven either.
  1. Remember the wax! Wax is the only thing protecting a vehicle’s clear coat from being hit by UV ray. You have seen those odd cars where the clear coat is stripping away, leaving flat paint? That is due to UV damage, and the easiest way to prevent that is to slap on some wax in spring and summer, go heavy on the elbow grease, and leave your ride shining like new.
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