Pirelli Vintage Antique Tires Cinturato CN36 Tire

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Pirelli Classic Tires - Cinturato CN36 Blackwall

Pirelli Collezione Classic TIres. in the early 50s, the world of sports cars was rocked by the introduction of the PIRELLI CINTURATO Tyres. The classic CINTURATO tyre moved boundaries forward as to what could be expected of a tyre as, until then, radial tyres had been invented during the war and patented in 1946 as a way of enhancing the longevity of a tyre. Because the tread of the tyre had separate bracing to the carcass, this allowed the sidewalls to flex, without that flex continuing on to the tread. In that the tread now remained more stably in contact with the road it did not scrub the tread away. The extra added benefit was that in that the tread did not move it also had a better hold on the road and gave considerably enhanced grip.
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Headline:Great handling and low NVH while driving. Use them on my Alfa Romeo Montreal and I can’t remember how good it feels!
Comment:Great handling tires! Very low NVH over rough surfaces. Excellent Turn In and wet weather handling.
Location:Michigan, USA
Posted:On Jan 19, 2023 by Karl Robertson
Pirelli Vintage Antique Tires Cinturato CN36 Tire