Firestone Antique Tires Bias Ply Tire

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Back when your favorite collector cars were new, bias ply tires were the only choice and it stayed that way until the mid ‘70s when tire manufactures began experimenting with radial construction. Collectible vehicles aren’t quite as collectible when they don’t have the right tires on them, so Coker Tire Company strives to provide car enthusiasts of all ages with the appropriate tires for their machine. Part of the process was bringing back discontinued tires, by using the original molds from various companies, and Firestone is the prominent bias ply tire in the immense Coker product line.

Tire Warranty - Coker Tiers wants you to be pleased with your purchase! Coker tires are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the tread. Adjustment is made on a prorated basis (you pay for tread wear used). Coker Tires is not responsible for tire and tube failure due to improper mounting, mechanical failure or improper alignment of the vehicle. Coker Tire does not offer any guarantee of fitment for any particular purpose and limits its liability to the purchase price of the item. All tires and tubes should be installed by properly trained individuals. Dimensions for tires listed are not scientifically measured and may vary depending on rim widths and inflation. Warranty returns also require an RMA number.
Firestone is the most extensive line of vintage tire designs in the world. From the legendary Firestone Dirt Track tires to the muscular Firestone Wide Oval, elegant whitewall Balloon tires and on down to the Firestone Deluxe Champion motorcycle tires. Thousands of builders and restorers around the world depend on Coker Tire Company for authenticity, accuracy and quality of Firestone vintage tires.

Product Reviews

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Firestone Antique Tires Bias Ply Tire
Antique Size
Manufacturer Part Number: 72162
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Antique Specifications
Sidewall Style:Black Side Wall
Section Width:550/600
Tire Tube:27.95
Size Short:550/600-19
Size Long:550/600-19
Our Price: